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Now when I look back in the past, yes. I regret not saying those 3 words more often, to someone. I regret not holding someone tight, one more damn time. I regret not, telling someone that they mean the world to me and I'll break apart, if they leave me. I regret not caressing someone for one last time, only if I knew that would be the last time. I regret not saying what I should have. But I have also realized that had I said it, those few more words, few morehugs and few more beautiful moments wouldn't have made someone stay more longer.

Because if it wasn't meant to be, it wouldn't be.

So those regrets did teach me something and that was to express as much as I can and I feel, but if I get an opportunity go to back in time and do that, I wouldn't. I regret it, but I don't want it anymore. I think everyone has. I try my best to forgive myself for things in life so I can do better. Holding onto regret and bringing it up again and again is no way to go about it, unless you want to wear yourself out one day realize you have no energy to contenue on with what most see as trivial or simple tasks in life.

Regret cannot be fixed, it has no good value when carried with you in life, so take what little you have learned, and let the regret go.

Thank you again and again Rjcody good morning be blessed

Rjcody can you pls play the song The Past

Rom Salas


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