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COVID-19: Healthcare workers celebrate as 85-year-old Qatari woman leaves hospital

An 85-year-old Qatari woman has left the hospital after making complete recovery from COVID-19 infection.

In videos and photos that have emerged on social media, healthcare workers at the Communicable Disease Centre can be seen applauding and hugging the woman as she comes out of the hospital. 

The 82-year-old's recovery attests to the quality of healthcare services being provided to COVID-19 patients in Qatar, as agencies including the World Health Organisation have said the virus can be extremely dangerous for elderly people and those with chronic health conditions.

Qatar is one of the few countries that stand out in the world for having low mortality ratio among those infected with coronavirus.

Among economies with major outbreaks, Qatar’s case fatality ratio is the lowest at 0.07 percent — 12 deaths out of more than 17,000 cases.

Source: Qatar Tribune


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