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COVID-19 survivor praises Qatar’s best healthcare

A Filipino expatriate who has survived COVID-19 disease is very much grateful for Qatar’s exceptional healthcare and dedicated health workers which, he says, were key to his fast recuperation.

“I thank the Qatari government for providing free healthcare to everyone regardless of nationality which is something really admirable as we are in the midst of this serious health challenge,” Noli Mauricio Madarang (pictured), 49, told The Peninsula yesterday.

“They are always ready to provide everything to everyone infected by COVID-19 no matter who they are. I admire the government for that and I’m proud that I’m also working here,” stressed Madarang, who works as respiratory therapist at Hamad Medical Corporation. He commended the advanced health facilities and excellent service specially the quick response which saves lives.

The fact that the number of casualties due to COVID-19 are way less than other countries shows how prepared Qatar’s public health sector is for the pandemic, he said. “The treatment and the level of service are extraordinary. Their decision making and delivery of action are fast in order to protect the patient. In addition, they have excellent facilities,” he said, adding they provided him all the necessary medications and support during the 16 days he was in the hospital.

He said: “The doctors and nurses and other health workers are dedicated professionals, who are focused on their patients for them to recover fast. They treat everyone equally, no matter what their nationality is, and they provide proper treatment to everyone.” “There were physical therapists and doctors were there to encourage me and assist me on what I should do like the proper breathing pattern,” he added.

He was also happy he was able to communicate to his loved ones back in the Philippines while he was recovering in the hospital. On his message to all health workers who helped him, he said: “Thank you for taking care of me. I’m so happy because this is my second life. They are doing everything for their patients. I admire them and I salute them.” He underlined that COVID-19 should not be taken lightly by the public, while he urged people to follow all the preventive measures to avoid getting infected by the virus and mitigate the spread of the disease.

“Safety first, so better stay home. Always wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose. Take your vitamins and eat healthy food to boost your immune system. Keep distance from others and cover your mouth when you cough,” he said. “This coronavirus is something serious and people should not ignore it,” he stressed.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar


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