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Doha Municipality closes 33 food outlets for violations in April

The Peninsula

Doha: Doha Municipality closed 33 food outlets for duration of five to 30 days for violating health rules in the month of April, 2020.

The inspectors of Health Monitoring Section of Doha Municipality recorded 80 violations during the inspection campaign on food outlets operating across the municipality last month.

The inspectors made 2,363 inspection visits to various food outlets, said the Ministry of Municipality and Environment in a press release.

Veterinary doctors at the central automated slaughterhouse inspected 112,844 slaughtered animals. As many as 1,330 slaughtered animals and 3,065 kg meat were destroyed for being unfit for human consumption.

The veterinary doctors at Jetty of Corniche inspected 37,500 kg of fish and destroyed 81kg after it was found unfit for human consumption.

The municipal inspectors inspected 15,000 vehicles carrying food items at Industrial Area. 

Only two vehicles were caught for not complying with required health rules while transporting food items. The seized food items were destroyed immediately.

The Health Monitoring Section of Doha Municipality led by Najla Abdurrahman Al Hail made action plan to intensify the inspection campaigns on food outlets during the holy month of Ramadan.

The plan aimed at ensuring that all food outlets are adhering to the health rules.

The inspector of the monitoring section of Doha Municipality also participated in the joint inspection campaigns on food outlets across Doha in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Commerce and Industry.


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