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Early detection helped Qatar keep mortality rates very low

*Covid-19 Health Tactical Command Team briefs health minister on plans to tackle the pandemic

Early identification of cases has helped Qatar maintain one of the lowest Covid-19 mortality rates in the world, HE the Minister of Public Health, Dr Hanan Mohamed al-Kuwari, said Saturday.

The minister made this observation while attending a meeting of the Covid-19 Health Tactical Command Team, which briefed her on the latest updates and plans to tackle the ongoing pandemic in Qatar.

“Qatar's strategy to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic relies heavily on community testing, tracing and quarantining in the effort to reduce the spread of the infection in our community" the minister said, adding: "Early identification of cases allows for earlier treatment which may prevent complications. This has helped Qatar maintain one of the lowest Covid-19 mortality rates in the world.”

"During this crisis adopting policy and procedures to meet the emerging needs of our population has been a strength of our country and our healthcare system. This is especially true in primary care which offers now numerous home visits, virtual consultation and drive through testing options to support safe access to care while physical distancing", the minister said, and added: "We invite our high risk populations and their families please use our first-class virtual consultations, our home visits and our drive-through testing facilities. Go out to do your essential business only and keep your physical distancing and masks at all times. And don’t forget to wash your hands regularly.

The Health Tactical Command Team, formed back in April, is led by Dr Mariam Abdul Malik, managing director at PHCC, and is made up of key stakeholders, with both clinical and operational leads from MOPH, PHCC and HMC.

Source: The Gulf Times


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