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Ehsan Centre to launch Ramadan Awareness Campaign


The Centre for Elderly Empowerment & Care (Ehsan), which operates under the umbrella of the Qatar Social Work Foundation, will launch an awareness campaign for the public on Friday, April 24, 2020, via its social media platforms.

In a statement today, Ehsan Centre stated that the campaign aims to introduce the largest segment of society during Ramadan to its mission and values. It pointed out that the campaign includes videos presented by the elderly themselves on various topics in order to enable and encourage them to practice their skills.

The campaign will show various educational thoughts that will be presented by specialists in the social, religious, health and psychological aspect in order to educate the elderly and their caregivers. It also includes an interactive educational awareness campaign for the public through social networking sites which are questions and answers about Ehsan Centre and skills of dealing with the elderly.

The campaign will continue throughout the holy month of Ramadan to encourage the public to practice the skills of dealing with the elderly for those looking after them and educating the elderly themselves about the various aspects of life of interest to them.

Ehsan Centre also prepares a range of activities for its employees, by urging the employees and workers at the Center to prepare and make video clips of their social and family activities on how they apply precautionary measures or by providing them with general advice. Staff contributions will be received via email dedicated to daily activity.


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