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Ehteraz app gives sense of security, allays fears

Keeping the Ehteraz application on while leaving home has made shopping and going to offices and other public places more secure in these times when some people may still have doubts over the spread of Covid-19 through already infected people, as the app gives instant notifications on this, some Qataris told local Arabic daily Arrayah recently.

They stressed that the app has given confidence to people and addressed their fears in this regard. Thanks to the app, no infected or suspected person is allowed to enter any public place such as hypermarkets, shopping malls, banks, offices and other places. It is mandatory for everybody to show the 'Green' status on the app to security personnel/staff posted at these places before being allowed entry.

A citizen, Khalid al-Malki, said the app has many advantages and gives the user a sense of security and protection. One day, he recalled, his sons went shopping and as they were getting out of the car after parking it, the app gave them a warning that there is a suspected case nearby. So, they dropped their shopping plans and preferred to drive back home.

Besides, he added, the app updates users on the latest developments and statistics regarding the virus and its spread in the country.

Abdulaziz al-Ruwaili said Ehteraz provides "very good protection" to the user - and society in general - against any spread of the infection, and would help in the speedy resumption of normal life.

He said the app works for the good of both the individual and society by making them aware of the prevailing situation, informing them on the latest updates and saving them from contracting the disease from suspected persons.

Khadija al-Qahtani stressed that the country has exerted great efforts to contain any further spread of the virus and Ehteraz is among the most effective tools for protection and prevention. Through its warning and notification system, the user is always kept alert and helps him/her avoid coming in contact with Covid-19 suspected persons.

Besides, people can go to shops or other public places with confidence as nobody would be allowed in without displaying the 'Green' - or healthy - status.

Mohamed al-Qamrah believes that Ehteraz will effectively protect the people from infection and also save the country from any potential second wave of the virus as has happened in some countries. Besides, it will help return to a normal life in a smooth way.

He also said the app will help health workers track any infected persons and enable them to easily identify the chain of transmission through the individuals with whom the infected patients have come in contact in the recent period.

Source: The Gulf Times


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