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Entire Philippine Military donating parts of salaries for COVID-19 fight

MANILA, Philippines—The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) aims to raise up to P17 million from the salaries of every AFP member in the military payroll to be donated to the fight against novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Proceeds from the donations of the 140,000-strong AFP would go to the Office of Civil Defense, which would procure medical supplies and equipment, according to the AFP in a statement on Tuesday (April 7).

Each member of the AFP—from the highest ranking general to the lowest ranking soldier— will contribute a percentage of their salary for the month of May.

Cadets from the Philippine Military Academy, probationary officers and candidate soldiers will also contribute a part of their salaries.

AFP chief Gen. Felimon Santos Jr. will donate 7 percent of his salary, or P10,484, while the lowest ranking soldier with the rank of private, airman or apprentice will each donate P100 of their monthly pays.

“With this amount drawn from our individual base pays for a month, we hope to augment scarce government resources,” Santos said.

“Through this humble gesture of AFP solidarity and unwavering support to the government it is sworn to protect and defend, we aim to share the burden in the nation’s fight against the contagion,” he said.

Like other militaries in the world, the AFP is playing a frontline role in the Philippine government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Soldiers are being deployed to help enforce enhanced community quarantine. Military assets—aircraft, ships, trucks—are being used to transport supplies and people. They are also being called upon to help build facilities for coronavirus patients.



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