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Excess workers to be removed from housing units in residential neighbourhoods



The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA), in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), is continuing its campaign to inspect workers’ housing in residential neighbourhoods and remove excess workers from accommodations.

The campaign aims to ensure the implementation of adequate health requirements in terms of number of residents, cleanliness and safety measures in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The implementation of this campaign is based on Law No (22) of 2019 amending some provisions of Law No (15) of 2010 regarding the ban on housing gatherings of workers within the families housing areas, and the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs decision No (18) of 2014 determining the conditions and specifications for housing appropriate for workers as well as the Minister of Municipality decision No (105) of 2020.

The authorities inspected 417 housing units between April 20 and 29 and detected violations by 1,855 companies, most of which are involved in cleaning, limousine and contracting services and restaurants.

The campaign covered all areas of Doha such as Al Najma, Al Mansoura, Bin Dirham, The Old Salata, Riffa, Old Ghanem, in addition to market areas such as Al Asmakh Street, Abdullah Bin Thani Street, Musheireb, Doha, Freej Abdulaziz and Al Montazah.

The campaigns procedures consist of inspecting the dwellings and putting posters on the violator thereof, indicating the date of inspection and the capacity of each accommodation, while notifying tenants about the need to adjust their conditions within a week from the date of inspection and evacuating the excess number of workers according to the capacity of each accommodation.

MADLSA stressed the need to adhere to the requirements of appropriate housing specifications for workers, and in the event that companies do not comply in reconciling conditions within a week from the date of the alert, strict measures and penalties will be taken in this regard, and owners of violating housing will be referred to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment. The violating companies will be referred to the security authorities in the country.

MADLSA has recently implemented plans to raise awareness of precautionary measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in workplaces and workers housing by launching a “conscious” campaign targeting employers and expatriate workers in several languages, in coordination with various departments, for reporting violations relating to the safety of workers in housing and workplaces. MADLSA designates a hotline 40280660.


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