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Health Minister: Mandatory Quarantine is likely, once flights resume


HE Minister of Public Health Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari said on Thursday that the State of Qatar is likely to place mandatory quarantining once travels open and flights resumes in the country; yet, “what the opening up of travel will look like.. is still to be seen”.

“Countries are now saying that as part of opening up of travel there is going to be mandatory quarantine and that will probably also be the case in Doha,” the Minister said during an interview with Al Jazeera English.

Qatar’s number of infections is realistic

The high number of Coronavirus infections in Qatar is due to the high rate of testing in the country. “That reflects the true picture of what is happening in terms of infection rates,” she said, adding that the rates are realistic.

Although the number of cases in Qatar is high, the majority of these cases (93%) bear mild symptoms of the disease, one percent in the ICU and only five percent hospitalized, the minister added. Dr Al Kuwari said that mathematical models and simulations are followed in help planning services and search capacities, therefore, preparing for multiple scenarios.



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