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Kuwaiti mediation met with rejection from blockading countries: Envoy



The Kuwaiti mediation led by HH the Amir of the State of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah to heal the Gulf rift has not stopped and continues to push for a solution, Qatar’s Ambassador to the United States HE Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani has said.

He said valuable US effort is also continuing to end this crisis initiated by false allegations after the hacking of Qatar News Agency website, as the blockade countries continued to attack Qatar politically and economically based on these allegations.

In an interview with the Al-Monitor Podcast programme, Sheikh Meshal said the last attempt made by Kuwait and the diplomatic action accompanying it represented in the visit of Kuwaiti Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Dr Ahmed Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah to Qatar and the visit of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani to Kuwait in addition to the US efforts, was unfortunately met with rejection from the blockading countries.

The envoy expressed his belief that time is the guarantor of these countries returning to their senses and acknowledge that the only solution is through dialogue based on respect for all parties.

He pointed out that the economy of Qatar today is stronger than what it was three years ago. “The evidence is the report of the World Bank that said that the Qatari economy is growing and will continue to grow unlike the economy of the blockading countries,” he said, adding that Qatar today is more independent and its food security is better.

Sheikh Meshal stated that with the advent of a new US administration, the blockading countries tried to mislead that administration by sharing false information about the Qatari activities. However, only weeks later the US administration realised that something is wrong, and that what these countries claim is not true, he added.

After that, they started pushing towards reconciliation and dialogue between Qatar and the blockading countries, but those efforts met with rejection from these countries, while the Qatari-US relations continued to develop and witnessed many initiatives on the political and economic levels.

“I believe that one of the most important successes achieved is the strategic dialogue between the two countries held in 2018, which shows the strength of the Qatari-US relations.”

The envoy appreciated the role that US plays to maintain stability in “our region, and we will continue to work with it.”

He pointed to strong relations between His Highness The Amir of State of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and US President Donald Trump.

They consult regularly on many issues and President Trump appreciates the role played by HH the Amir and Qatar in signing the peace agreement in Afghanistan, he added.

On the fight against coronavirus and the low number of deaths compared to the number of infections, the envoy said the rapid response of the Qatari government and the absorptive capacity of the health system enabled Qatar to achieve this achievement along with extensive and free checks and provision of health conditions in the workplace.

The government’s quick step regarding closing schools, universities and public places also enabled Qatar to reduce mortality, he added.

The ambassador affirmed that a large number of projects related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup have been completed and delivered.

He confirmed that Qatar will organise an amazing edition of the World Cup that all fans of the game will enjoy it. “Sport builds bridges between people and we want the world to view the Middle East not only as a place of conflict,” he added.

Regarding the situation of Asian workers in Qatar, Sheikh Meshal stressed that Qataris respect and value everyone who works with them to develop their country, adding that Qatar has done a great job when it put in place many regulations and instructions for companies that work and invest in infrastructure for the World Cup.

“We will continue to develop relevant legislation, and we feel confident that we are able to address any issue we face.”


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