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Limited opening of mosques from June 15 with special precautionary measures: Awqaf

The Peninsula Online

Doha: The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has announced to reopen the mosques from June 15 under certain rules and regulation following the preventive and precautionary measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 releasing an illustrative video for worshipers to follow the procedures.

“We inform you that the mosques will be reopened for prayers (with the exception of Friday prayers) starting from next Monday, June 15, and a specific number of mosques which will be announced later, according to specific precautionary measures illustrated in this video,” the Ministry said in a tweet.

Friday prayers will be allowed in 54 mosques from the third phase, which will begin in August.

The fourth phase (September) will see complete opening of mosques and Friday prayers.

As per the preventive measures, the worshipers should make ablution at home before going to mosque because the bathrooms and ablution place of the mosques will be closed.

The worshipers are asked to not go to the mosques earlier because the mosques will open only with prayer calls (Azan). They should not crowd inside the mosque and maintain a distance of two meters from others.

The worshipers should avoid shaking hands even if they wear gloves and they should cover mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing. They should show the Ehteraz application before entering the mosques.

The worshipers should bring their own prayer mat and not share with others or leave it in the mosque. They should wear face masks as long as they are in the mosques. The worshipers should bring their own copy of holy Quran and do not share with others or read on mobile phone.


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