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Michael Bublé gifts Pinay caretaker a 'Home'

Ratziel San Juan ( - May 7, 2020 - 6:22pm

MANILA, Philippines — Michael Bublé recently honored his grandfather's dying wish to leave his longtime caretaker Minette a home to stay at with her family.

The Canadian singer behind the hit song "Home" rewarded the lucky Filipina, who stood by her grandfather’s side for eight years, with a picturesque, newly-renovated house in Vancouver — and it is everything!

He employed the help of award-winning “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott to jazz up the 1970s house built and once owned by his late grandfather Demetrio as a special present for Minette.

Michael even had a hand in the restoration as seen in the latest episode of HGTV series "Celebrity IOU," a show “where Hollywood A-listers express their deep gratitude to individuals who had a major impact on their lives by surprising them with big, heartwarming home renovations that bring everyone to tears.”

The multi-Grammy-winning artist was initially lost, admitting that he never worked on building or renovation prior to shooting the episode.

"I've never broken stuff before...purposely," Michael confessed, to which one of the Scott twins quipped back that he’s “broken hearts for a living.”

Surely enough, before-and-after pictures of the property’s interiors only underscore how the already beautiful can be magnified into perfection.

Among the features that had the recipient feeling good are gas fireplace inserts, energy-efficient windows and a stylish slat wall that offers privacy by separating the dining room from the rest of the house.

“I came from the Philippines, working as a community health worker, then I got hired by Michael's family to look after grandma and grandpa at the same time,” Minette said on "Celebrity IOU," revealing how she knows Michael as family outside of stardom.


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