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Ministry calls for compliance with all safety requirements at sea and swimming pools


Doha: The Ministry of Interior called on all citizens and residents to follow all safety procedures and measures when going to the sea or swimming pools in order to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

The ministry said that its competent departments are making great efforts to provide protection for sea-goers, but commitment and responsiveness to these efforts remains the most important factor to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Major Ali Mubarak Al Mohannadi, Director of the External Regions Department at General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security, pointed out that the department is keen, in accordance with its competence, to provide the highest levels of security for sea-goers by conducting hourly marine and coastal patrols, in addition to patrols conducted on weekends, official holidays, Eid and other events. Search and rescue team patrols are also deployed at all seashore for immediate cases and reports.

Furthermore, he also drew attention to a number of actions committed by sea-goers which may lead to accidents. This include failure to adhere to designated swimming areas, as well as swimming near places of water currents, failure to adhere to the swimming instructions, and ignoring the rules and requirements for safe swimming.

The General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security also recommends a set of safety guidelines for swimmers such as adhering to specified swimming areas, not to swim alone and keep away from areas of water currents. He also recommends avoiding swimming in case of weather fluctuation, tiredness and sudden high body temperature.

Major Al Mohannadi also advised water bike users to adhere to the legal age of driving, which is 18 years and above. He also reminded them to wear a lifejacket when driving, to not disturb seafarers, wear a bike key in the wrist, not to drive near the swimming areas, to refrain from causing accidents, and to avoid overloading the water bike.

He also advised marine vessel owners to review the weather forecast before proceeding to sailing, and to ensure the presence of marine safety tools such as lifejacket for each passenger and first aid tools, and the registration of maritime vessels at General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security centers, and keeping away the prohibited and private places in accordance with the law, observing the specified number of capacity of the vessels, operating the automatic tracking device and all navigation devices and lights when sailing, and observing the regional borders of the state.

Regarding safety measures in swimming pools, Captain Eng. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al Hammadi, Officer of the Inspection and Licensing Section at Prevention Department of General Directorate of Civil Defense, stated that following general requirements is sufficient to achieve safety and security, including providing a guide board for swimming pools in Arabic and English, providing signs indicating the depth of the pool and ensuring that it is suitable for different age groups. Provide signs that indicate jumping is not allowed at unallocated places, provide sufficient number of life collars, first aid equipment, stairs and ensure that the floor at the edges of the pool are non-slippery.

He also stressed the need for all transformers and electrical switches to be in safe and waterproof areas with the provision of appropriate lighting in swimming pools, and providing back-up flashlights in the event of a power outage and the presence of a barrier separating the pool from electrical equipment at a distance of not less than five feet.

With regard to hotel and sports establishments, Captain Eng. Al Hammadi stressed the need to adhere to the presence of supervisors to monitor and rescue. Parents are also advised to accompany their children in private pools, to master first aid, and to adhere to all the requirements required.


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