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Ministry clarifies about pictures of crowd in front of money exchanges

The Peninsula Online

Doha: Following the announcement of reopening of money exchanges by Ministry of Commerce and Industry yesterday on May 12, pictures of crowding in front of a few of them were shared widely on social media. 

Coming out with a clarification, the ministry on its twitter account said that these pictures of over crowding without any social distancing were incorrect.  

"The Ministry of Commerce and Industry confirms the incorrectness of what was circulated about overcrowding and lack of commitment to social distancing in front of money exchanges, as these photos are old and have been circulated after the decision to reopen money exchanges. The ministry calls for checking the accuracy of information and photos from its official sources and not promoting rumors," tweeted the ministry 

The Ministry added that it is following up with exchange offices to ensure compliance with the instructions and preventive measures, and confirms that it will implement all legal procedures against violators.


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