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Ministry of Culture and Sports launches initiative to protect old people from Coronavirus


The Ministry of Culture and Sports has launched of an initiative to deliver essential materials and other daily needs to the elderly. The initiative is in cooperation with the Centre for Elderly Empowerment & Care (Ehsan) and other State bodies. 

Under the initiative, a number of volunteers from the Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities (QCVA) will deliver essential materials and other daily needs to seniors to enhance the precautionary measures and quarantine requirements imposed by the State to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Values to instill among young people  Director of the Youth Affairs Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports Hussain Rashid Al Kubaisi said that the initiative encourages a set of values that the ministry wishes to instill among young people. This includes cooperation, respect, human dignity and solidarity among the groups of society in times of crises. The initiative reflects th Ministry keenness to enriching youth with activities that will benefit them and enrich their noble values. The initiative is among other activities that will continue in light of the current coronavirus crisis, he added.

Translation of constructive cooperation  For his part, Executive Director of Ehsan Center Mubarak Abdulaziz Al Khalifa described the initiative as a true translation of the spirit of constructive cooperation between the State institutions. He said that the initiative is an effective consolidation of social responsibility that all individuals are keen to activate and spread among members of society. He noted that the initiative would raise the level of solidarity among society members and contribute to the involvement of community members in working to serve all of its groups, foremost among which is the category of the elderly.

The Executive Director of Ehsan Center affirmed that the Center and all its affiliates are ready to work to support the initiative.

Delivering from commercial complexes  Executive Director of the QCVA Moeedh Al Qahtani said that the Center’s role will be to receive requests from the Ehsan Center to purchase them from the commercial complexes. Volunteers will then deliver them through cars that will be provided by the Mawater Center. He stressed that the strategy depends on delivering these requests in a correct way for the elderly after sterilization them. 

Providing cars and drivers  For his part, Secretary General of the Mawater Center Nasser Saadoun Al Kuwari stated that the center will provide cars and drivers for the task of delivering food and household supplies accompanied by volunteers who will bring the requests of the elderly from the commercial complexes to their homes. Al Kuwari pointed out that the most important characteristic of the campaign is the spirit of teamwork as different sectors of the Qatari society are united and aspire to work hand in hand to overcome crises.


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