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MME gets abattoirs, beaches ready for Eid al-Adha


The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) on Tuesday announced that preparations for Eid al-Adha have been completed by making sure that abattoirs are ready for Udhiyahs of various kinds, as well as organising beaches to receive the public with identifying spots for swimming and fixing temporary camping times.

During two press conferences yesterday to discuss these preparations, the ministry and other related authorities reviewed the general hygiene plan in parks, on the Corniche and beaches, and precautionary and preventive measures, particularly in the face of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the whole world.

In this regard, the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Services at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Ahmed Mohamed al-Sada said the ministry has prepared well for the occasion by increasing the number of workers and trash containers on public beaches. He said the ministry will run campaigns to raise the awareness of the public.

Assistant Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs Hassan Jumaa al-Muhannadi, talked about the steps initiated to ensure the safety of beach-goers , pointing out that the ministry has held several meetings with the relevant authorities to prepare the plan to deal with any emergency during this period.

He explained that environmental inspectors have been assigned to control and direct the public to swimming places and determine the requirements for horse riding. In addition to providing security points at the entrances and exits of the beaches to ensure the application of precautionary measures such as the EHTERAZ app, social distancing and wearing of masks in cooperation with the Lekhwiya personnel, ambulances will be deployed in coordination with Hamad Medical Corporation.

Director of the Natural Reserves Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Saleh Hasan al-Kuwari said arrangements have been made with the Coast Guard and other security agencies to undertake rescue and observation operations for beach-goers and places designated for swimming, especially at the Maroona and Al Ghariya beaches.

Al-Kuwari warned that the beaches should be kept clean because they belong to everyone, pointing out that the ministry will carry out awareness campaigns in this regard and distribute garbage bags.

On the preparations of the abattoirs , Undersecretary for Municipal Affairs, Mansour Abdullah al-Mahmoud said the ministry is ready for this important religious and social event , especially in light of the good results achieved by the state in overcoming coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

All steps have been taken at the abattoirs for the slaughter and handing over the meat safely to the public. The number of health inspectors inside and outside abattoirs has been increased and arrangements for the immediate disposal of slaughter waste have been made. The abattoirs will be open for the whole week from five in the morning until five in the evening, under the supervision of specialised veterinarians.

In the same context CEO of Widam, AlNoubay Salem al-Marri, stressed the company's role in providing Udhiyahs (sacrificial animals) to meet the local demand, pointing to several initiatives undertaken in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, and the MME.

He said the company takes all precautions during the sale and slaughtering operations, where the customer can choose the Udhiyah, buy it and receive it after the slaughter while he is still seated in his car. This system was applied during the last Ramadan, and it proved successful and will be applied during the blessed Eid al-Adha in order to ensure the safety of the Udhiyahs and to prevent overcrowding inside the abattoirs, he said.

He noted that there was a phone app that could be used to receive Udhiyahs at homes and keep everyone safe.


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