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More than a million people comply with National Address Law in Qatar

More than a million people have registered their addresses so far after the introduction of the National Address Law on January 27, the Ministry of Interior said on Monday.

The Ministry called on those who have not yet registered (citizens, expatriates and legal persons according to the National Address Law), to initiate the registration of their national addresses during the remainder of the period, through the electronic systems of the Ministry of Interior.

The National Address represents the set of data for every person, whether he is citizen, expatriate, or his representative.

On the basis of that data, all citizen or resident transactions with governmental and non-governmental agencies are facilitated, and it is easy to receive various services from the state, in addition to helping to reach the people involved in issues related to personal interests and the public interest.

The data includes, housing address, fix and mobile phone number, e-mail, address of the employer for government and private sector employees, permanent address abroad, if any, and any other data specified by the competent authority.

According to Article 6 of the National Address Law, a fine of no more than QR 10 thousand shall be imposed on anyone who violates any of the provisions of Articles (3) and (4) of the Law (relating to the obligation of the taxpayer to provide the national address data to the competent authority, and notify it of any amendment or change), or intentionally notifying the competent authority of incorrect data on its National Address.

Source: Qatar Tribune


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