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NHRC ensures well-being of workers in closed off parts of Industrial Area

Dr Mohamed Sayf al-Kuwari

The expatriate workers in the closed part of the Industrial Area are well taken care of by the authorities concerned, Dr Mohamed Sayf al-Kuwari, deputy chairman of the National Human Rights Committee and head of the visits and monitoring committee, told Qatar TV on Tuesday.

The committee conducted field visits to the closed part of the industrial area and talked to the workers from a distance due to the preventive and precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

"Qatar Charity provides them excellent food services free of charge and maintain a catering kitchen there for the purpose," he said.

Besides, both the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs provide the workers with good services and good health care in addition to supplying those who are sick with the necessary medications free of charge.

Some workers asked for more food and Qatar charity in co-ordination with some national companies have agreed to ensure that the workers get the supplies they need in good time. Also, MoPH has been prompt in distributing among the workers adequate quantities of sanitisers, face masks and personal hygiene items.

"The NHRC highly appreciate the services offered to the workers and lauds the entities concerned in this regard," he stated.

The senior official pointed out that the NHRC has launched a hotline (800222) that works round the clock in five different languages to receive related requests, inquiries, complaints, and offer the due assistance to the vulnerable people anywhere in the country.

The committee has conducted several visits to the people at the health quarantine facilities in hospitals, hotels, the Industrial Area, and many other places to ensure they are receiving their due rights and get the good care and treatment they deserve.

"All was very well and the people highly appreciated the excellent services they receive," Dr al-Kuwari added.

Source: The Gulf Times


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