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PHCC affirms keenness to provide health services to all patients



The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) announced that all health centers affiliated with the corporation are keen to receive all patients without delay.

The Executive Director of the Employment Department at PHCC Dr. Samya Al Abdulla indicated that under the current circumstances and in the framework of the preventive and precautionary measures taken by the health care institution, the usual work mechanisms in health centers have been changed as the institution has taken many measures to reduce the number of patients present in health centers to avoid congestion and reduce the chances of spreading infection.

She added that among these mechanisms the transfer of appointments registered in some specialties to telephone consulting service to preserve the public health and safety of patients, at the same time, the access to services was facilitated by launching other new services that contribute to empowering patients and facilitating quick access to services and medical consultations.

She explained that some important services continued for patients such as healthy child clinics and vaccinations, ultrasound radiology clinics, and pre-marital examination clinics that are currently available in Leabaib Health Center, the Airport Health Center, Al Khor Health Center, the Al Rayyan Center, and the West Bay Center, as well as specialized clinics accepting urgent cases.

Al Abdulla said that all patients are invited to attend health centers only when necessary and in the event of an actual need for medical advice, and patients can obtain periodic health services through the electronic and virtual services provided by the institution remotely.

She explained that the urgent care units in each of Muaither centers, Abu Bakr Center, Rawdat Al Khail Center, Al Shahaniya Center, Gharrafat Al Rayyan Center, Al Kaaban Health Center, and Al Ruwais Health Center are still operating at full capacity as usual throughout the week and around the clock.

Dr. Samya Al Abdulla pointed out that all health centers receive patients without prior appointments and these cases are dealt with in all specialties.

She said that PHCC, and within the framework of the state plan to confront the spread of the pandemic, 4 health centers have been designated as health facilities dedicated to examining suspected cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19), along with providing them with all the necessary medical equipment and required human cadres, which are Muaither health center, Rawdat Al Khail Center, Gharrafat Al Rayyan Center, Umm Salal Health Center,

and these centers operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day, except Umm Salal Health Center, as it works from 7 am to 11 pm, and work in these centers is done in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health where suspected cases are received, classified and dealt with according to the rules and the procedures followed in this regard.

On the other hand, Dr. Samya Al Abdulla revealed new and newly launched electronic and virtual services, which are the telephone counseling service, community call center, drug delivery service to home, electronic medical certification service, support for diabetics and their proactive treatment as these services come as a substitute for traditional face-to-face counseling with the doctor and to reduce the patient's attendance to health centers as possible.

She said that these services contributed to reducing congestion within health centers and help in maintaining a safe distance between patients as all appointments registered in health centers were transferred to specialized clinics and family medicine clinics to telephone consulting services and community contact centers. 


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