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PICPA Doha LLC(G) elects its New Set of Council and Associate Officers for Fiscal Year 2020-2021

The New Leaders during the New Normal

By Wilhelm Inventor Jayobo

The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) Doha LLC(G) proudly announce its newly elected set of council and associate officers for the fiscal year 2020-2021. The nomination has started last June 10 to 19, 2020 and the announcement of elected officers was done last June 30, 2020. Last July 3, 2020, the positioning of elected council and association officers were concluded thru zoom webinar.

The election was presided by the outgoing President, Mr. Elmer H. Espiritu with participation of the PICPA Doha LLC(G)’s members of BOD and past presidents to give their words of encouragement and inspiring messages and their testimonies on how the organization molded them on what they are right now.

As part of its normal election procedure, the incumbent Senior Vice President and Vice President will be the next President and Senior Vice President, respectively. While the Vice President post should be coming from the incumbent officers other than what were mentioned above.

The new set of council officers for fiscal year 2020-2021 are Mr. Alvin R. Polido as President, Mr. Abdul Rahim G. Gandamra as Senior Vice President, Mr. Christian Dave M. Barrameda as Vice President, Ms. Carmie Joy Bue as Secretary, Ms. Micha Lizette M. Pataueg as Treasurer, Ms. Karen Lucila as Auditor, Mr. John Vincent P. Gunita and Ms. Chubet Ann Villanueva as Accountants, Ms. Hazel A. Abella as Public Relations Officer. Aside from the aforementioned positions, PICPA Doha LLC(G) also has Chairpersons for various committees handled by Mr. Warren F. Molas for Continuing Professional Development, Ms. Venetia Claire C. Flores for Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr. Sherman C. Ilustre for Education, Mr. Paul Jason Jimenez for Community Affairs, Mr. Nikkolai Whitney Abella for Sports, Mr. Chester C. Mendoza and Ms. Liza D. Mancao for Ways and Means, Ms. Karish Laura T. Eletante for Social Media Relations, Ms. Wilnessa P. Dugang and Ms. Jizan R. Rasuman for Membership and Ms. Michelle Eugene L. Baraquio for Corporate Governance and Compliance who is also the BOD Secretary.

Moreover, the new set of associate officers for fiscal year 2020-2021 are Mr. Eduardo A. Chavarria as President, Mr. Federico F. Faldas as Vice President, Ms. Nicole Grace M. Baccay as Secretary and Chairman for Social Media Relations. Other Chairpersons for the following committee are Ms. Jinky C. Gale for Ways and Means, Mr. Mark Anthony M. Miraflores for Membership, Ms. Mary Ann Salubo for Education, Mr. Dennis B. Freyra for Community Affairs, Ms. Katherine M. Javier for Corporate Social Responsibility and Mr. Kimberlene M. Ocol for Events.

Congratulations to all newly elected leaders! Wishing them all good luck on their new journey! May they be guided by the Almighty God to lead the organization out of perils and grant them wisdom, determination and will to serve!

Always keep yourself updated with PICPA Doha LLC(G) by visiting its website at for more detailed information of the upcoming events and important announcements. In case you have further queries or concerns you may send an e-mail to


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