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Private schools in Qatar can end academic year at any time: Official

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has officially notified private schools in Qatar that they could end the academic year at any time as long as it didn’t affect the approved school hours, a senior education ministry official said on Saturday.

This decision, however, does not apply to public schools, Mohamed Ahmed al Bishri, an adviser to the minister of education and higher education, said.

June 21, 2020, is the official date for the end of academic year in government schools, he added.

The academic year for Grades one to 11, which are being taught now through distance education, will end, as previously announced, on May 7.

For Grade 12, the distance learning platform will remain active to facilitate communication between students and teachers until the end of the high school exams.

As the coronavirus pandemic shuttered schools and colleges across the country, schooling has shifted from classrooms to homes, with distance learning platforms connecting teachers and students to facilitate virtual learning.

Terming the switch to online education as smooth in Qatar, Bishri said the number of users has reached 128,199 students and teachers, and there are a million text messages exchanged between students and teachers,

As of 12 April, 1,212 homework assignments, 422 weekly assessments and 1,547 illustrated lessons had been produced, he said.

Bishri said interviews for admission of students to schools for the next academic year are also being conducted remotely as part of the precautionary and preventive measures against the pandemic. 

Source: Qatar Tribune


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