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Protective plastic shields installed in Karwa cabs to beef up safety

Taxi passengers are quick to praise the move of Karwa cabs to further beef up safety and security measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic by installing protective plastic shields that act as barrier between passengers and drivers.

The shields fitted between the front and back seats of the vehicles provide additional protection to taxi drivers and passengers from the coronavirus during journeys.

“Having the plastic shield gives everyone peace of mind knowing that it protects both the passenger and the driver against possible COVID-19 transmission,” said Martin, a passenger who hired a Karwa cab to purchase groceries at a hypermarket yesterday.

He also lauded the fact that drivers use face masks and gloves as well as they make sure to sanitise the hands of passengers whenever they board the cab.

Mahmoud, a frequent taxi rider, said it  gives him “a feeling of extra security” though he believes the best way to feel safe and secure is to stay home. 

“The thing is I still have to go out and buy important things that I need like fresh vegetables, bread and meat. I’ve tried to order groceries online but delivery slots are always full and processing also takes time that you have to wait for several days before you receive the goods that you have ordered,” said Mahmoud.

For Cathy,  another taxi passenger, the preventive measures being taken by taxi operators are very important nowadays with the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases and since travelling is still inevitable for some who still go to work specially the frontliners.

“Everyone should take care of themselves when going out. And we should always follow simple preventive measures from the government such as washing hands frequently, avoiding touching the face and maintaining social distance,” she said. As an additional measure to support the country’s efforts in reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection, Karwa earlier introduced cashless payment in which a taxi passenger can pay using credit card by registering it through the Karwa Taxi App.

Government authorities have always reminded the public to adhere to all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19  infection such as staying home, avoiding gatherings, maintaining social distance and following infection control practices to promote the safety of the individual and others.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar


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