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Qatar Charity, Embassies Facilitate Food Parcels & Cultural Bags Distribution in Qatar amid COVID-19


Qatar Charity, in cooperation with a number of embassies, announced that work is underway to continue providing food and preventive supplies to communities residing in the State of Qatar. The move is conducted in cooperation with relevant authorities in the State, and involve the distribution of cultural bags for adults and gifts for children in quarantine.

Qatar Charity has so far distributed seven thousand (7000) food parcels benefiting about twenty-eight thousand (28,000) people from various Asian, Arab and African communities, after contacting around twenty (20) embassies.

The embassies lauded and appreciated the support provided by Qatar Charity to their communities residing in the country. This further confirms the depth and strength of the ties that link their countries with the Qatar and its organizations that stand with their countries amid COVID-19, and provides assistance to them, especially in times of crisis.

In a related context, Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior, distributed four hundred and ninety three (493) cultural bags for adults and fifty three (53) bags for children in quarantine in a number of hotels in the State on the first day of the initiative.  


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