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Qatar’s second field hospital opens in Al Shahaniya

Qatar on Wednesday opened its second field hospital, Libsear Field Hospital in Al Shahaniya (Dukhan Road), as part of the country’s effort to provide medical services throughout the country.

The 504-bed facility is an initiative by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defence and is aimed at easing the pressure the other four designated COVID-19 hospitals.  The hospital is for those who have been discharged from these hospitals but they are not yet fit to go home.

Speaking to media persons Hospital Clinical Lead Dr Abdulla Rashid al Naimi said, “The facility has buildings including the administration, then there are two main buildings (A and B) which has 252 beds each. Each room has its own toilet. It’s a complete private room.”

According to Dr Al Naimi, the hospital is for those who have recovered from the dedicated COVID-19 hospitals including Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital (HGMH), Mesaeeid, Ras Laffan and Cuban Hospital. “Cuban Hospital takes women and children while the other three takes the majority of the patients. “We want the flow in these hospitals to be continuous.”

He explained that when these hospitals discharge the patient, they categorise them as, ‘fit to go home’, or patients as patients who need a few more days for continuous recovery. “These are the patients that we receive here. We keep someone who is recovering or those who require to continue with their medication (category 1). We keep them here till they complete the 14 days of isolation, and then we take the swab and take them home safely.”

The hospital started receiving patients around one week ago. As of Wednesday, one of the buildings had over 100 patients. “They have time when they can walk out of the building and have activity.”

Dr Al Naimi said that the hospital was put about in two-and-a-half weeks. According to him the Ministry of Defence proposed to the MoPH about the idea and a committee was formed where they evaluated the place 3 weeks ago. “We found this place suitable.”

The hospital has over 70 medical staff including 20 doctors. “All the patients are receiving the mental health support on a regular basis with a special volunteer teams doctors,” said Dr Al Naimi.

Source: Qatar Tribune


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