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Qatar’s strategic stock of food items sufficient for more than a year.

Minister of Commerce and Industry HE Ali bin Ahmed al Kuwari on Wednesday said that Qatar’s strategic stock of food products and other subsidised supplies is sufficient to cover demand for over a year. 

Stating that Qatar’s imports continue at the same pace without any change, he called upon local suppliers, outlets and manufacturers to play their natural role in importing, providing, displaying and selling goods in quantities as required by consumers.

The minister made these statements after an inspection visit to a number of consumer complexes and outlets in the country to get a close look at the strategic stock of food products and other goods available for citizens and residents.

The minister pointed out that there is sufficient stock to meet the needs of consumers of food and non-food commodities. He said, "Imports of all goods by the state through air and sea ports continue naturally from different sources and countries."

The minister lauded the role of sales outlets in maintaining market stability and meeting needs of consumers. The minister also praised the outlets for replenishing shelves on regular intervals to ensure that goods are permanently available, regardless of the size of demand.

He emphasised that the ministry is playing its full role in addressing any shortcomings of any party, through its continuous monitoring of markets. The ministry has put in place several mechanisms to ensure the availability of food and consumer goods in all commercial and consumer complexes and the supermarkets.

In this context, he pointed out that there is complete coordination with all suppliers to continue importing naturally. He stressed that prices are stable and there will be no impact on the availability of food and consumer goods. “We also have alternative plans to confront any shortages of goods," he said.

The minister stressed that any outlet that tries to take advantage of the crisis will face closure and a fine in accordance with consumer protection law.

During the tour, the minister listened to detailed explanation on the supply of food and consumer products by operators and stakeholders of complexes and outlets. 



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