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Qatar working with UNDP to create solutions for negative consequences of COVID-19: FM


The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said that the government of Qatar supports international efforts to curb the Covid-19 pandemic as it sent aid to 20 countries so far, including assistance in the field of medical supplies, adding that the Qatari air forces are building field hospitals in friendly countries, including contributing to the work of multilateral health care institutions that are working to develop vaccines or that work to ensure the resilience of health care in other countries, and Qatar has already made a contribution of USD 140 million to these organizations.

HE the Foreign Minister explained this when he attended on Wednesday in the "COVID Action Platform" at the World Economic Forum under the title" how to defeat the epidemic and protect livelihoods worldwide", which was opened by President of World Economic Forum Borge Brende, with the participation of several government officials, chief executives, and heads of humanitarian organizations.

Qatar is also working with the United Nations Development Program in the Innovation Lab that includes 47 countries to create solutions to address the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it includes business, technology, and medical solutions for developing and emerging countries, adding that Qatar will continue to support global institutions and has kept its commitments to develop health, prosperity, and stability of its region.

On the specific economic and health measures taken by Qatar in the long run, HE the Foreign Minister affirmed that Qatar has taken unprecedented financial incentive measures to protect the economy, especially the private sector, adding that the government was proactive in designing policies to protect employees, especially the migrant worker community.

In response to several questions, HE the Foreign Minister said that Qatar's strategy to confront the COVID-19 is based on three main pillars, the first is how to protect citizens and residents in Qatar and ensure the resilience of the health care system, the second is to ensure that the impact on the economy and society is at the lowest level, and the third is that Qatar is committed to its international responsibilities by standing with other countries that need help.

This epidemic has caused many great and unknown challenges, and no one can determine what happens next, but the state is trying to initiate at any stage the necessary measures so that the stopping does not continue for a longer period, he added.

HE the Foreign Minister added that from a geopolitical point of view, there are some complications will occur if the economic situation is affected, which means some social unrest in some countries, especially those that lack the necessary capabilities, therefore, there might be some changes, especially in the Middle East, which includes some countries that are either currently suffering from crises or lack the financial resources to face this crisis. He expressed hope that these countries will have the necessary support to overcome this social unrest that they may face, especially in the event of economic consequences.

In response to a question about hosting the 2022 World Cup, HE the Foreign Minister said, "We are confident that we will organize the best FIFA World Cup edition, I can confirm this for you and all viewers, and we also believe that the importance of the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup has increased because it will be the first festive and entertaining occasion in which the world meets after the pandemic separation and the current bad humanitarian conditions." He expressed hope the pandemic will disappear, and the World Cup will be held for the peoples of the world and humanity so that everyone can feel satisfaction and happiness.

HE the Foreign Minister stressed that the State of Qatar highly welcomes the World Economic Forum's launching of a special platform for discussion and innovation, adding that the State of Qatar believes in international cooperation to eradicate the epidemic.

HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs thanked the World Economic Forum for establishing this important platform for teamwork and mobilizing support to face the COVID-19 pandemic.


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