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Quality of mobile call and internet services high in Qatar: CRA



The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) on Tuesday published on its website a summary results report of an extensive audit of mobile networks in Qatar that was conducted from September to December 2019.

The CRA conducted this annual audit with a view to ensure that the quality of mobile voice and data services are consistent with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) required to be provided to the consumers in Qatar by the telecom service providers "Ooredoo Qatar" and "Vodafone Qatar", and that quality of mobile services are in line with the applicable regulatory framework and the terms and conditions of the licenses granted by the CRA to the service providers.

The CRA confirmed that this kind of annual audit helps in assessing the improvements of the quality of mobile service levels offered by the service providers in Qatar.

The results of the audit with regard to calls showed that the percentage of completing the call reached 99 percent, while the percentage of unsuccessful communication attempts reached 0.25 percent, while the quality of calls for 90 percent of the samples got a 3.5 out of 5.

Concerning text messages, the successful transmission rate for messages reached 99 percent, and the average message arrival time was 2 seconds.

With regard to Internet data, the maximum download speed reached 280 Mbps, while the webpage download success rate reached 99 percent.

The CRA extracted these results based on more than 50,000 test samples from all over the State of Qatar.

The audit methodology for the past year included samples that were taken in different regions of the country during peak hours of working days, and also included highways and major pedestrian areas, in addition to many closed places.

To complete the auditing process, the CRA used its quality control systems, which are the most recent in the region, as well as the latest versions of devices and smartphones, to obtain results that reflect the current state of the experience of consumers in telecommunications services in Qatar.


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