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Reminder from MOI about the registration in National Address

As an implementation for the provisions of the law No. 24 for the year2017 on National Address, and Minister of Interior decree No. 96 of 2019 on implementing certain provisions of the above law, the Ministry of Interior urges the HR / Admin Managers of the public and private companies and Establishments to remind their all employees including workers, who didn’t register in the National Address until now, to register their national address before 26 July 2020 through the application of the Ministry of Interior 'Metrash2' or its website (, in order to avoid the violator of the above law any legal consequences.

For any query, you may contact the Service Centers of the Ministry of Interior during the officials working hours from 6 am – 1 pm on the following numbers according to your geographical area

completion of the registration is before 26th July 2020


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