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Some workers in locked down streets to be shifted out of Industrial Area

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) will work with other government agencies to provide workers to be moved to Mekaines and Barwa isolation centres with free food, clothing and cash for their upkeep, Assistant Undersecretary of Labour at the ministry Mohammed Hassan al Obaidly has said.

Obaidly disclosed this at a video conferencing meeting with leaders of various communities in Qatar on Monday.

He said the ministry is on the verge of completing process to evacuate workers in Street No 1, Street No 2 and Wakalat Street of Industrial Area to Mekaines and Barwa isolation centres in cooperation with the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS).

He added that evacuation priority will be given to people aged 55 years and above and those who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, among others.

He said companies that want to benefit from the services can contact the ministry by sending facility name, facility registration number, employee name, personal number or visa number, age, type of chronic disease, if any, to or contact 40287945, provided they will abide by the requirements of the isolation for 14 days.

"Once the workers are relocated to the centres, all their daily needs will be provided free of charge. We will provide them free food, clothes, medicines, personal hygiene kits and cash to buy other things they may need at the supermarkets that are open at the centres," Obaidly said.

He added that the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) will offer general high-standard treatments and medications for the people even for ailments other than coronavirus (COVID-19) related.

"The medical care will be at par with services provided to Qataris. There is no difference because we are brothers and sisters. We are one family," he said.

"Besides, MADLSA and the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) will provide free computers to enable the workers stay in contact with their loved ones," he added.

The official said the workers will be released to their employers after 14 days in the quarantine centres where proper testing and observations will be conducted.

On the steps to make life easier for those in the lockdown in Industrial Area, Obaidly said LuLu has opened a number of mobile shops in different parts of the area to enable the resident buy their basic needs, while Ooredoo is providing communication services through cars driving around the area.

He said the ministry has also been sending out information in various languages to disseminate information to domestic workers to ensure that they are carried along and their rights are protected.

While acknowledging that the challenges the current situation posed to many employers, Obaidly said the ministry will not hesitate to fine any company that violates workers' rights or fails to provide adequate hygiene facilities to its workers.

He said the ministry has received and treated over 50,000 enquiries from Industrial Area in the past one month.

Source: Qatar Tribune


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