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Utmost caution need of the hour as COVID-19 cases at its peak in Qatar: Dr Khal

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The COVID-19 pandemic is at its height in Qatar and public should be extremely careful not to mix with others, National Epidemic Preparation Committee Co-Chair Dr Dr Abdullatif al Khal said in Doha on Thursday.

He called on the public to avoid family visits and religiously follow precautions if and when they go out.

The elderly people with chronic diseases and those undergoing chemotherapy or with suppressed immunity should be particularly careful, he cautioned.

Dr Khal said Qatar has a three-pronged virus containment strategy in Industrial Area, which is a a hotspot for COVID-19 transmission in Qatar. Some streets in the area were under lockdown for more than 35 days and were fully reopened on Wednesday, with the entry and the exit tightly regulated as part of precaution.

The first part of the strategy is early detection of cases, aggressive tracing of their contacts and isolation of the infected. The second part focuses on enhancing the general hygiene of the area and improving the living conditions of the residents. The final leg involves increasing the residents’ access to quality healthcare. 


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