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We haven't reached peak of the curve yet, but have entered peak phase in Qatar : Dr Khal

The Peninsula Online

Doha: COVID-19 cases in Qatar has not yet reached the peak of the curve but has entered the peak phase said Dr Abdullatif Al Khal, Co-Chair of the National Pandemic Preparedness Committee and Head of Infectious Diseases at Hamad Medical Corporation in a press conference today, May 14. 

He spoke about the latest developments and statistics related to the coronavirus patients in Qatar. Some of the important points included: 

- We have not reached the peak yet, but we have entered the peak period

- Fluctuation in the number of Covid-19 cases during the last few days  is because the virus has entered peak stage

-. Lack of social distancing among community members during Ramadan led to an increase in the number of infection and the spread of Coronavirus in Qatar so far

- A total of 417 coronavirus patients were admitted in ICU. Out of which 265 patients were shifted out of ICU, 14 people died, 138 patients are still in ICU of which 55 patients are on ventilators and 6 patients are receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

- A significant increase in the number of tests reflects in the large increase in the capacity of the central laboratories - the number of daily tests reached more than 7400 samples.

- The maximum number of cases is diagnosed among 25-34-year-old. This age group accounts for 36.7% of the cases.

- 11-15 cases were admitted to ICU on a daily basis for treatment during the past week

- Despite repeated warning against gathering during the night of Garangao, many families met, which led to the further spread of Coronavirus.

- We advise that no more than one family gather in one house for breakfast and Suhoor during the remainder of the blessed month of Ramadan.


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