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A successful “Mega Wish” gives the gift of water summer campaign

Charity and Volunteering advocates Mega Cervantes and his friends gathered for a “Mega Wish” - a segment run in social media platforms to give inspirations and memorable pampered days to legit beneficiaries.

Mega Cervantes started the Mega Wish from himself along with with his supportive friends last June 24, 2022 by distributing a total of 1,050 bottled water in various locations such as Al Mansoura, Al Saad, Bin Omran, Bin Mahmoud, Madinat Khalifa and Souq areas from 9am-11am.

The main objective is to hand out water to those people they will encounter in the streets especially the construction workers, sweepers, food online riders, public cars drivers and bystanders waiting for public transportation.

This summer campaign was made possible with the generous assistance from Family Food Centre and McDonalds.

“Mega Wish” can be watched-out monthly in YouTube channels of @DtProduqtionOfficial and @SimplyMegabyheart as well as in @Mega_byheart Instagram account.



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