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Radio Show

Qabayan Radio is the first and the only Filipino radio station in Qatar with commercial broadcast license under Tagalog Channel W.L.L. which was granted on the 4th of December 2018.  

It went on air on 25th March 2019 - a considered milestone for the entire Filipino expatriates' community in Qatar. It was established to engage and entertain Filipinos, local residents and other nationals in the country. Moreover, it is established to promote music and entertainment with a Filipino touch that is always on trend, timely and relevant, a hybrid of western and oriental influence.


The radio's name 'Qabayan Radio' exudes the fashion and adaptability of Filipino culture to the rest of the world and to its terrestrial area of operations.

Qabayan Radio is spelled in a way to exhibit both Qatar and "Kabayan" - a term commonly used by Filipino expats to affectionately call each fellow countrymen in the Philippines and abroad.

Download Qabayan Radio Profile

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