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Radio Show

Under the Tagalog Channel W.L.L., Qabayan Radio has been granted a commercial broadcast license and is the first and only Filipino radio station in Qatar. This significant achievement was awarded on December 4th, 2018, the station officially began broadcasting on April 1, 2019, following a test broadcast that commenced on March 25, 2019.


Qabayan Radio is a vital hub for the Filipino expatriates' community in Qatar, providing entertainment and engagement for Filipinos and other nationals residing in Qatar.

The station's primary objective is to promote Filipino music and entertainment that is always up-to-date, timely, and relevant, utilizing a blend of western and oriental influences.


"Kabayan" is a term frequently used by Filipino expats to refer endearingly to their fellow countrymen in the Philippines and abroad, further cementing the station's bond with the Filipino diaspora.

Download Qabayan Radio Profile

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