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Arcadia, the iconic multistage electronic music festival comes to Doha

Alchemy Project Entertainment, in association with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), presents The Arcadia, a first-of-its-kind surprise and the most anticipated electronic music festival featuring 3 iconic stages and over 100 renowned international Artists and over 50 of the best regional talents, for fans and guests in Doha, starting from 19 November to 18 December 2022.

A phenomenal, fire-breathing 50-tonne ‘Spider’ known for impressing crowds, and a laser-heavy ‘Reactor’ with unforgettable pyrotechnics will immerse fans in the environment with massive balls of flame, stunning lights and an incredible ambisonic sound-system.

The beast stages of The Arcadia broke all the rules to pioneer the fully-immersive experience, repurposing military hardware into monumental environments. Fusing architecture, engineering, sculpture, special effects and performance, Arcadia’s 360-degree worlds explore the relationship between technology and human intent and will bring thousands together on a wave of celebration and happiness.

The Arcadia electronic and dance festival will be held near Ras Bu Fontas metro station and host up to 25,000 fans just about every day during November and December 2022. Any time you go, you will experience the unparalleled line-up, rousing sets, top DJs and musicians, and fire biofuel flames. It will be a completely unique layout for Qatar, entirely customised, prepared and brought to you by Alchemy Project and the SC.

Multiple stages of The Arcadia will make guests’ experience complete with moments of sharing, creating memories, and putting electric smiles on the faces of children and adults.

“The Spider (stage one) is a phenomenally impressive asset that gives all audiences goosebumps; the Reactor (stage two) is an intimate and extraordinary stage that engages fans in a whirlpool of quality music and ever-lasting memories and the Curve (stage three) is a mixture of live and interactive stage where guests watch the broadcast of the games and dance to live music in between the matches. Overall, the line-up of artists preforming in Arcadia will be as impressive as the structures themselves.

“We are profoundly excited to bring this unique and extraordinary experience to Qatar and the region for the very first time and take it to the next level. The level of entertainment in the upcoming period in Qatar will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen in any previous mega-event.

“During November and December 2022, the eyes of the world will be on Qatar and we are looking forward to celebrating national teams, fans and dance music during this exciting period and making memories that last a lifetime.

“We thank the state of Qatar, supreme committee, Q22, Qatar Airways, Qatar Tourism, and all other stakeholders and supporters for supporting this phenomenal project and providing us an opportunity to share this indescribable experience with fans from across the globe. We hope to deliver a project the fans would remember and the city to be proud of” said Mac.s.Far, Chief Executive Officer of Alchemy Project Entertainment & Event Management Agency.


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