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Best Life Qatar Readers' Choice Awards 2023

Now on its 4th year this 2023, Best Life Qatar Readers’ Choice aims to:

  • give recognition to Filipino entrepreneurs in Qatar

  • promote Filipino restaurants and businesses not only to the Filipino community but also to the international market.

  • encourage entrepreneurs to rise up (from home business to registered business operation)

  • share knowledge on social media management for business.

Since 2020, Best Life Qatar has been conducting online surveys within the community. This is not packaged as an online competition but as a gauge on popularity of Filipino restaurants and companies in Qatar. This should help business owners evaluate their brand’s market awareness, their product and service quality, as well as their social media marketing strategies.

As an independent initiative of Best Life Qatar, the first three years was conducted purely online: from the survey to the announcement and awarding of winners. It was always conducted in the beginning of the year which also coincides with the birthday of its founder and blogger, Mr. Zeke Tunay.

As the years go by, the number of respondents had been steadily increasing from less than 500 votes on its initial launch to almost 2,500 in the latest survey this year 2023. But the organizers are hopeful to further increase the numbers and get as much involvement from the community to be able to reflect the real voice of its readers.

“We are happy to know that all brands welcome the idea and the promotion that Readers’ Choice program is giving them. They were all appreciative of the attention given to them in recognition of their efforts, and for helping them reach more potential clients through social media.” – Mr. Zeke Tunay, founder and blogger of Best Life Qatar

While the categories are changing every year depending on the nominations received from the blog readers, community readers, and partner social media influencers, we saw a big line-up of contenders this year. The winners are as follows:

  1. Most Popular Newcomer – Food Category: KA JOHNNY’S LOMI HOUSE QATAR (Special Citations: Gretsky’s Qatar, and Maya’s Kitchen Qatar)

  2. Most Popular Newcomer – Non Food Category: 3 JOHNS PNOY HAIRCUT


  4. Most Popular Filipino Coffeeshop & Bakeshop: KABAYAN BREWERS (Special Citation: The Empanada House Doha)

  5. Most Popular Filipino Training Center: PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE QATAR

  6. Most Popular Homegrown Filipino Company (Products Category): KABAYAN MEAT SHOP QATAR (Special Citation: Kabayan Beauty Corner Trading WLL)

  7. Most Popular Homegrown Filipino Company (Services Category): CONOR INT’L EXPRESS CARGO & SERVICES - QATAR

  8. Most Popular Homegrown Filipino Restaurant (Diner Category): FILIPINO HOT PACK

  9. Most Popular Homegrown Filipino Restaurant (Restaurant Category): SARI SARI ASIAN FUSION RESTAURANT (Special Citation: Loming Barako Qatar – LOMBAR)

  10. Most Popular Filipino Company – International Franchise/Operation: MAX’S RESTAURANT MIDDLE EAST

Through the help of its benevolent supporters, the first face to face results night was held at Crown Plaza Doha The Business Park on 21st January, 2023 and was attended by selected guests and media.

Hoping that the succeeding years will become even bigger, BEST LIFE QATAR also hopes to put in place more security measures on the votes, an enhanced nomination procedure that will require certain level of standard and qualifications, and an overall program that will serve the purpose of giving encouragement and support to Filipino entrepreneurs thru trainings and promotional events like mini-bazaars or trade fairs.

Best Life Qatar is one of the most active Filipino bloggers in Qatar, known as #QatarDaddyBlogger with its Family Adventure Blog ( that features their passion for travel, the activities they do as a family, the food places they love, thoughts on their minds, and more. Their followers are fondly called BLQadas or BLQ (barkada) “close friends” and the aim is to #liveyourbestlife.

Now on its 7th year this February 2023, Best Life Qatar continues to be one of the most trusted social media content creators for local and international brands, an advocate for Filipino Entrepreneurs in Qatar, who will never forget the very reason why the blog came out in the first place – that is #blog2help (inform, inspire, entertain).



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