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BMKQ, Bayanihan Qatar organize Strategic Planning Seminar and Workshop

The Education and Training Committee of Bayanihan ng Manggagawa sa Konstruksiyon ng Qatar (BMKQ) in collaboration with Bayanihan Qatar organized a one-day Strategic Planning Seminar and Workshop on 15th July 2022 at Inspire Management Training Institute in Doha. The seminar and workshop was attended by at least 47 officers of various Filipino community organizations in Qatar under the Bayanihan Qatar’s umbrella.

A pre-membership orientation, which is required for membership in BMKQ, was presented by Ms. Malou Valientes before the main topics presentation.

Mr. Leo S. Dote, spoke about developing the organization’s vision, mission, goal and objectives (VMGO), while Engr. Ressie Fos lectured and facilitated the workshop on developing successful strategies, SWOT analysis, developing action plans, obtaining feedback from members of organizations, identifying action steps, and the common documentations in an organization such as developing the annual program, procurement plan, writing memos, circulars, resolutions, minutes of meetings, terms of reference, and others.

In his welcome and opening message, Bayanihan Qatar President – Mr. Jerry Ronquillo stressed on the importance of the strategic planning seminar and workshop among the organizations noting that they should have strategic plans and actions in achieving the organizational vision, missions and specific objectives.

Meanwhile, BMKQ President – Engr. Meliza M. Ortiguerra also stressed on BMKQ’s commitment to support allied organizations in various programs such as providing and facilitating trainings, through the support of other stakeholders such as BWI and other sponsors.

While the participants in the said seminar and workshop rated the event as highly satisfactory, they wished for a longer duration or at least a follow-up seminar be organized in the near future to allocate more time for writeshop.



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