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BMKQ Bowling Tournament 2024: A Triumph of Community and Sportsmanship

The BMKQ Bowling Tournament 2024 highlighted community spirit and skill, with 32 Filipino teams competing; OFIE-M Team 2 emerged as champions.

07 June 2024, Doha, Qatar – The BMKQ Bowling Tournament 2024, a vibrant showcase of skill and camaraderie, took place on June 7th, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at the Qatar Bowling Center. Spearheaded by the BMKQ Sports and Events Committee, the event was a testament to the dedication and organizational prowess of its chairman, Mr. Joseph Catarungan.


This year's tournament saw enthusiastic participation from 32 teams representing 24 Filipino community organizations, all rallying in support of BMKQ's cause. The diverse mix of teams and players underscored the strong sense of community and mutual support prevalent among the Filipino diaspora in Qatar.


After intense hours of competition, OFIE-M Team 2 emerged as the champions, demonstrating exceptional skill and teamwork. Their victory was a highlight of the event, celebrating not just their prowess in bowling but also the spirit of unity and sportsmanship that the tournament aims to foster.


Other notable achievers included Oryx Knights Eagles Club (OKEC), who secured the 1st Runner-Up position, and JIMMEK, who took 2nd Runner-Up. Additionally, Engr. Lester Militante of OKEC was recognized for achieving the Most Strikes, while Mr. Allen Dale Zapanta and Ms. Lorie Ramos earned the Highest Scores in the male and female categories, respectively.


BMKQ organizes this bowling tournament at least twice a year, aligning it with their broader mission of promoting sports, healthy lifestyles, and team building among the community. These events provide an excellent platform for members to engage in physical activity, build stronger bonds, and maintain a healthy balance between work and recreation.


In addition to bowling, BMKQ's commitment to sports and fitness is evident in their annual sports program held every November. This program includes a variety of sports events such as basketball and volleyball, catering to different interests and encouraging widespread participation.


The BMKQ Bowling Tournament 2024 was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of community spirit, healthy living, and the joy of sports. Through such initiatives, BMKQ continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for the Filipino community in Qatar, fostering unity, and promoting a vibrant, active lifestyle.

Mr. Eliseo Bermido, the President of BMKQ, extended his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the tournament’s sponsors: Lifestyle Avenue Restaurant, LBC, and East Optic. In recognition of their invaluable support, each sponsor was presented with a certificate of appreciation. Mr. Bermido also expressed his deep thanks to all BMKQ officers and committee members for their unwavering solidarity and support, acknowledging their essential role in the event's success.



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