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BMKQ facilitates in-house Leadership Training for its new officers and committee members

BMKQ kicks off 2022 on nurturing and developing future leaders to carryout challenging goals of the organization for this year.

21 January 2022 – DOHA. The Bayanihan ng Manggagawa sa Konstruksyon ng Qatar (BMKQ), an association of Filipino construction workers, through the support of Building and Wood Workers International (BWI), a Swiss-based global organization, organised a Leadership Training Session for its new officers and members of working committees in order to achieve significant improvements in personal engagement and leadership capability. The training was held at Inspire Management Training Center in Hilal.

The participants were able to learn from selected specialized topics of leadership fundamental principles and various group activities (Leadership SWOT Analysis) including communication and townhall meeting (Fishbowl) exercise where timely and relevant subjects were brought up for brainstorming and which will also serve as one of the strategic objectives of BMKQ leadership for this year and onwards.

The BMKQ Education and Training Committee has successfully managed and structured the training sessions and workshops to address multi-learning level of 19 participants noting they are from various backgrounds, such as construction, hospitality, medical, and domestic services.

According to BMKQ training team, namely Mr. Eliseo Bermido, Mr. Leo Dote, and Mr. Alliver Revilla, the training was designed to assist participants in developing effective strategies for dealing with internal/external leadership and performance modelling at the workplace and beyond. Moreover, the whole day activities intended to educate and equip each attendee with competence so that they can confidently express themselves in front of others, overcome their fear of public speaking and boost their confidence in whatever form of communication.

Meanwhile, the participants were able to gain a clear understanding of the most pressing OFW issues in the Philippine context, apply their creative and critical thinking skills to analyze the various aspects of these issues, and to reach conclusions through logical and rational analysis.

In addition to this leadership training session, BMKQ is expected to hold various trainings and workshops for its members and other community organizations throughout the year, targeting at least one session every month.



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