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Boost Your Credentials: AIA/ RIBA/ EAROPH Orientation and Joint Activity by UAP QA and PIEP-Q

Why should you boost your professional credentials?

There are numerous reasons to improve your professional credentials. To begin with, having solid credentials increases your marketability. During difficult economic circumstances, you'll be more likely to be promoted, and receive a greater pay. In this time of pandemic, it is critical to enhance each other's credentials in order to empower one other's professions.

For these reasons, the webinar titled "Boost Your Credentials" is both topical and important. Last April 16, 2022, the United Architects of the Philippines- Qatar Chapter (UAP QA) and the Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners- Qatar Chapter (PIEP-Q) have teamed up to inform their respective members about world- renown organizations that they can join in addition to their present ones to obtain additional credentials. This is the first time after the pandemic that these two amazing organizations join force for this beneficial activity.

The program started with the invocation of Ar. Ferdinand Magpantay, UAP QA Director for Committee on External & Governmental Affairs. Ar. EnP RMP Marvin Tejada, UAP QA Chapter President, officially kicks off the activity by providing the event’s ground rules and call to order. Next were the preliminaries from both UAP QA and PIEP-Q that includes the hymns and code of ethics for each organizations. Ar. Janel Hipolito, UAP QA Vice President for Programs and Development, welcomes the attendees and speakers to this milestone event.

Ar. Marlon Espinosa, UAP QA Auditor, introduces the first resource speaker of the event. It was no other than, International Associate Architect Megha Taneja of American Institute of Architects (AIA) Middle East who presented the background of AIA as the first credential to be discussed. While Ar. Leah Bianan, UAP QA Treasurer and an AIA International Associate herself, explained the AIA membership application process. It was followed by Question and Answer (Q&A) portion which was moderated by Ar. EnP Dennis Mota, PIEP-Q Director.

Then Ar. Kathleen Osio, UAP QA Chapter Secretary introduced the next segment of the programme. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Gulf is another international organization to be showcased. Its resource speaker Ar. Cherylliz Anne Lago presented a video clip from RIBA Gulf in which she provided an overview and the membership application process. Another Q&A session caps this segment.

Finally, Ar. Maria Michaela Pasiona, UAP QA Director for Committee on Internal Affairs introduced the last international organization to be showcased in which all professionals in Qatar were allowed to join.

The background of Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH) was ably presented by EAROPH International Immediate Past Deputy President and UAP Past National President Ar. Edric Marco Florentino, fuap and EAROPH Secretariat Ms. Abby Crucillo. On the other hand, PIEP-Q Press Relations Officer and EAROPH member Ar. EnP Jeoffrey Milano discussed the membership application process and its benefits. Q&A session caps this last segment of the programme.

The Philippine Professional Organization- Qatar (PPO-Q) Chairman Engr. Mark Abendan also graced the event and gave his impromptu inspirational message. Both UAP QA and PIEP-Q organization's members actively participated as well as with members of other professional organizations in Qatar belonging to PPO-Q. Despite the time difference, professionals which include architects, environmental planners, engineers etc. from the Philippines and Qatar attended. The jovial host Ar. Adrian Bolalin, UAP QA Committee member was also credited with the event's energy as the programme’s master of ceremonies. Special mention to Ar. EnP Vanessa Estabillo, PIEP-Q Director who collated event participants questions and comments and serving as a technical support to the event.

In closing, Ar. Mark Philip Benin, UAP QA Director for Committee on Professional Practice provided his insights on the webinar to round off the interesting program. Finally, Ar. EnP Mary Grace P. Hermosa-Pineda, PIEP-Q Chapter President, underlined that this activity will help the members of different professional organizations strengthen their credentials and boost their career prospects in the future.



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