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Captivating Creations: A Showcase of Qatari Artistry with Ahmed Almaadheed at Corinthia Yacht Club

14th December 2023, Doha, Qatar. Corinthia Yacht Club is delighted to host an exclusive art exhibition featuring renowned Qatari artist, Ahmed Almaadheed, who will display more than 20 captivating paintings. The exhibition, titled ‘AHMED ALMAADHEED Art Exhibition 2023’, will commence on December 16th until the 23rd of December.


Corinthia Yacht Club's elegant and serene environment makes it the perfect canvas to showcase the beauty and inspiration of Ahmed’s artwork. The inaugural day of the event will be an exclusive exhibition for Corinthia Yacht Club’s members and VIP guests, followed by a week open to visitors & enthusiasts to embrace artistry amidst the exquisite ambiance of the club’s lobby lounge stunning décor. This free-entry event invites art enthusiasts to experience the artist's masterpieces, showcased throughout the yacht club lobby lounge.


Ahmed’s exhibition draws inspiration from life and the environment, promising a captivating journey through his unique artistic lens. Visitors can expect a diverse collection of more than 20 paintings, each a reflection of Ahmed’s profound creativity. Following his international acclaim, Ahmed has become a prominent figure in the global art scene, garnering attention from both international and local press. His work, driven by love and patriotism, has been featured in numerous local and international art galleries. Engaging in selective trade collaborations, Ahmed continues to captivate the world with his ongoing creations and surprises.


To add an extra layer of excitement, Ahmed will be available throughout the exhibition, offering attendees the opportunity to meet him and gain insights into the inspiration behind his remarkable artworks. Set against the backdrop of Corinthia's picturesque Yacht Club, the exhibition creates a captivating ambiance, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the artistic mastery of this renowned talent within the stunning surroundings of Corinthia.



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