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Chery Tiggo8 Pro Max to enter Qatar soon with top features experience

Reportedly Chery All New Flagship SUV, TIGGO8 PRO MAX, is about to enter Qatar market. During the recent Car Show in Doha Villagio Mall, TIGGO8 PRO MAX was presented in the show to public, when thousands of customers in Qatar viewed and experienced the top features closely, considering this new model will be the most high-tech and intelligent SUV model in Qatar. People are awaiting for the official launch and looking forward to test drive and buy at the earliest.

As official introduction, TIGGO8 PRO MAX is the new flagship model of CHERY TIGGO8 series, which is the most advanced SUV with four main highlight upgrade: Latest 2.0TGDI Power, AWD Intelligent Control System, Green Healthy Air System(C-Pure Solution) and Voice Control System. TIGGO8 PRO MAX is Chery 1st SUV model with full-scene intelligent AWD system and 2.0TGDI power, to bring all customers the best driving experience.

The first full-scene intelligent AWD system adopted with six driving modes available

TIGGO 8 PRO MAX is equipped with a new-generation electronic and intelligent AWD system, which makes it easy to cope with various special road conditions. The system provides six modes for full-scene road conditions, including economical, normal, sports, camping, skiing, and off-road for easy switching. At the same time, the system can easily cope with puddles, mud, potholes and other road conditions with a powerful load-bearing torque output that is quickly and intelligently switched from 0 to 3000 N-m. Due to the gradeability of up to 45%, it can push the vehicle to move steadily up steep slope sections. In addition, the system can also switch to 4WD mode quickly, within 100m to cope easily with icy, snowy, or wet road conditions. Thus it avoids skidding and rollover and guarantees safe and stable driving and riding.

All New 2.0TGDI Engine: Quickness, Powerfulness, Excellence, and Economy

The 2.0TGDI engine adopted by TIGGO 8PRO Max features quickness, power, excellence, and economy with maximum power of 187kW and peak torque of 390N·m, which achieves the balance between power (0-100km acceleration in 7.3s) and efficiency (100km fuel consumption of 7L). Besides, a warranty of ten years or one million kilometers will be offered for the engine performance, which is the only one in the automobile industry, to ensure the manufacture confidence in this engine and provide all customers with a peace of mind.

It is worth mentioning that the 2.0TGDI engine has recently won the 2021 “China Heart” Top Ten Engines Award, which is the seventh time that Chery Automobile has won such a title.

C-PURE green compartment with environmental quality benchmark

Immersing yourself in the mountains and enjoying nature with the TIGGO 8 PRO MAX is another great surprise for consumers around the world. The “C-PURE green cockpit” adopted by the new car is Chery’s first green cabin brand , and provides users with a level-3.0 interior odor environment for both urban and country conditions, which is more rigid than the national environmental protection standard, with actual key VOC developed and controlled as per 10% of the national standard limit.

The cockpit of this new model adopts the EU-level environmental protection material and technology, the skin material is water-based, and the odor and VOC are controlled in all dimensions with respect to parts, systems, and the whole vehicle. In addition, it adopts "CN95 medical-grade" anti-pathogen A/C filter element and RICSCS remote active cockpit self-cleaning system, so that CN95 medical-grade health protection is offered in the cockpit, which is also the environmental quality benchmark in the industry.

Multi-intelligent entertainment configuration and large space

One of the best and unique feature of TIGGO8 PRO MAX, it is equipped with the voice control system where you can control the vehicle AC system, sunroof, glass, trunk door all system with hand free voice instruction, which will be available in both English and Arabic for all local and experts customers. It will surely become one of the dream car, as a car who can understand you with voice communication beyond the physical buttons or switches.

TIGGO 8 PRO MAX also has a 4722x1860x1705mm superlarge body and a 2710mm superlong wheelbase, creating a super-large comfortable space of "5+2 seats”, which offers twelve types of flexible and variable combination spaces with quiet of up to 34dB. In addition, it is also equipped with first-class VIP seats, adjustable aviation-level pressure relief headrest, SONY luxurious 8-speaker surround sound, 24.6” large smart dual-screen, portable shift lever, and leading intelligent driving assistance system, bringing users a more scientific and technological luxury-quality experience.

With its full-scene intelligent 4WD system, 2.0TGDI high power, C-Pure green cockpit, and advanced voice control system configuration, TIGGO 8 PRO MAX redefines the benchmark of SUV by its superior power, and deserves the title of "Most Intelligent SUV". With the further enrichment of TIGGO 8 series product matrix and the gradual introduction of the new car to Middle East markets, it is bound to bring a better product experience to all regional users.

As per official news from Chery Qatar, the all new TIGGO8 PRO MAX will be launched during Ramadan time in April 2022, and lots of bookings has started from Feb till then, stay tuned while we can always drop by the Elite Motors Showroom on Salwa road to book a test drive and have the experience in advance.



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