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Doha Theater Festival Kicks Off with Grand Opening at Juventio Theater

Source: Qatar News Agency (QNA)

Doha, May 25, 2024 – The 36th edition of the Doha Theater Festival commenced today, inaugurated by the play "Rosheta" at the Juventio Theater. This marks the first time the festival is being hosted at this venue, which was filled with theater enthusiasts celebrating the "father of the arts."

Photo: QNA

The play "Rosheta," a production by Advertisement Company, was written by Tamim Al-Burshid and directed by Faisal Al-Athba. The cast includes Maryam Fahd, Munther Thani, Abdullah Al-Hajri, Nada Ahmed, Abdullah Al-Mulla, Jassim Ashir, Faris Yousef, and Ahmed Al-Ajmi.

The festival, organized by the Center for Theater Affairs in collaboration with the Qatar Events Center, runs until June 4. It aligns with the Ministry of Culture's objectives to enhance and develop the theatrical scene in Qatar. The festival aims to present diverse theatrical performances, foster young playwrights through seminars, and support local theatrical talent.

In his opening speech, Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Dulaimi, Director of the Culture and Arts Department at the Ministry of Culture, emphasized the importance of theater in cultural expression. He highlighted the Ministry's dedication to sustaining the theatrical movement and empowering young artists. "We are witnessing a distinctive cultural and artistic movement worthy of our capabilities and our brilliant presence," he stated.

Abdul Rahim Al-Siddiqi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Director General of the Center for Theater Affairs, noted that the festival provides a platform for both public and private theater groups to showcase their work. This edition includes performances by three civil troupes (Qatar, Doha, and Al-Watan) and private companies, underscoring the vitality of theater in Qatar.

The festival also features the launch of new publications celebrating Qatari theater artists Hadiya Saeed and Ali Hassan. Additionally, the festival marks the return of awards to honor distinguished playwrights and critics.

The opening play, "Rosheta," set in a psychiatric hospital, explores themes of freedom and rights. The plot unfolds with the characters revealing their personal struggles, leading to a discovery of corruption within the hospital.

Following the performance, a seminar was held, with Syrian actor-director Asaad Fadda and Tunisian critic Dr. Nizar Chakroun providing analysis. Fadda praised the play's universal appeal, while Chakroun emphasized the importance of critical follow-up for theatrical development.

Over the next ten days, the festival will feature 10 theatrical performances, including:

  • "Planet of Loans" by Al-Saeed Company (May 26)

  • "An Hour of Time" by Doha Theater Group (May 27)

  • "A Love Story in the Eighty" by Al-Mawal Company (May 28)

  • "Pit and Bass" by Q Fun (May 29)

  • "Kharaba" by Al-Watan Theater Troupe (May 30)

  • "Spirit of the Late" by Qatar Theater Group (May 31)

  • "Sikka bin Assi" by Al Wakra Artistic Production Company (June 1)

  • "Mazyon and Dhabia" by Memory Company for Arts and Heritage (June 2)

  • "Between Two Hearts" by Msheireb Productions (June 3)

  • "Theatrical Stations" by the Center for Theater Affairs (June 4)

Each performance will be followed by a seminar involving critics and specialists. The festival will conclude with an awards ceremony honoring notable Qatari artists, including the late Abdullah Ahmed and Hadiya Saeed. The winners will be selected by a committee chaired by Dr. Ahmed Abdulmalik, featuring prominent artists from the region.

The festival represents a significant cultural gathering, bringing together playwrights, actors, and critics to celebrate and advance the art of theater in Qatar.



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