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Family-Friendly shows full of breathtaking adventures and true friendship are coming to Doha

Qatar Airways in association with Qatar Tourism, sponsored by Ooredoo and organized by Alchemy Project are delighted to announce two wonderful circus musical performances “The Nutcracker: The Enchanted Prince” and “Pinocchio: a story about the Golden Key”. The events will be held in Lusail Multipurpose Hall under Qatar Live 2022 series of events, where children together with their parents will dive into the world of unforgettable adventures.

The favorite story of all time “The Nutcracker: The Enchanted Prince” reflects a battle between the insidious Mouse King and the Nutcracker, who turns to Prince protecting the Kingdom with toys coming alive only once a year on Christmas Eve. The show will run on 27-29 October 2022.

A unique and brand-new twist “Pinocchio: a story about the Golden Key” based on a classic story by Carlo Collodi takes you to another journey about a wooden boy who tries his best to be a good son and a friend while discovering the immense power of true friendship which can defeat any treachery. Enjoy the show with your family on 3-5 November 2022.

Acrobats, artists, flying boards – a circus world complimented with live singing will definitely bring a lot of smiles and joy for everyone. Adults will forget about the daily routine, and children will experience the joy of adventures.

“Alchemy Project is very delighted to share these performances of new worlds with everyone. We are committed and known for presenting quality shows and creating unique experiences for the audience. So we hope that these shows live up to the standard and bring smile, happiness and excitement to the audience and a great energy to the vibrant country of Qatar”, said Mac.s.Far, CEO of Alchemy Project.

The Nutcracker: The Enchanted Prince Circus Musical Show

The performance reveals a story of the insidious Mouse King who has stolen the Magic Nut that guards the fairy kingdom from the dark forces. Evil spells struck the possession of the prince and all inhabitants turned into toys and got locked in a closet forever.

Only once a year, on Christmas Eve, the toys come alive and have time until midnight to find the Magic Nut and break the sorcery.

“The Nutcracker: The Enchanted Prince” show is a harmonious combination of theatre and musical, world-class circus performers, bright costumes, striking video projections and colorful sets. The show is based on the exciting storyline of the world-famous writer Ernest Hoffmann's tale - the theft of the Magic Nut, the dangerous pursuit and the romantic story of the enchanted lovers - Prince and Marie.

In the performance the themes of confrontation of good and evil, sincere feelings and boundless love are revealed. The multilayered plot, skilled circus performers and artists' vocals will win the heart of every spectator.

The story is full of dangerous chases and spectacular battles on the way to happy end, where the inhabitants of the kingdom will live in peace and love.

Produced by RomanovArena.

Pinocchio: a story about the Golden Key Circus Musical Show

Pinocchio is a cultural icon and one of the most reimagined characters in children's literature. An adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s renowned novel "Pinocchio" tells a moving story about a wooden boy who tries his best to be a good son and a friend while discovering the immense power of true friendship. The show is revealed as a twist of a classic story and a whole set of breathtaking acrobatic and musical performances.

A touching and giving a lesson story will melt the hearts of all ages and enchant your imagination with live vocals and unimaginable circus acts by the stunning fly board performers, aerialists, the Guinness Book of Records artists. Art production, vivid scenery, animations will reveal the “Pinocchio: a story about the Golden Key” completely unique and distinctive as everything starting from the costumes is made exclusively for the show.

“Pinocchio: a story about the Golden Key” Circus Musical Show is inspired to bring every guest joy and unimaginable feeling of adventures. The pure feeling of breathtaking journey and the relationships between real friends — every storyline during the performance will take you on the path of magical stories and help you to plunge in another thrilling world.

Produced by RomanovArena.



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