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Filipino community organizations volt-in to help distressed overseas workers

The spirit of ‘bayanihan’ or civic unity and cooperation among Filipinos is still alive demonstrated in helping fellow overseas working in need.

Member-organisations under Bayanihan Qatar umbrella join hands in helping distressed overseas Filipino workers at POLO shelter facility.

Doha. Bayanihan Qatar – a federation of more than 20 Filipino community organizations in Qatar has proven once again that the spirit of ‘bayanihan’ is alive in many Filipino residents in the country, as fourteen (14) member-organisations supported and participated in the federation’s outreach program this year benefiting distressed overseas Filipino workers sheltered at Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)’s facility. The program was held on Friday, July 8, 2022 from 1:00pm to 7:00pm.

The outreach program aimed to distribute groceries, food packs, and personal hygiene items to beneficiaries, all were women.

We are doing this outreach program at least once in every quarter in bigger or smaller scales, not only at POLO’s shelter facility but also in labor camps and Filipino communities to benefit workers whose salaries are delayed, or those who have lost their jobs.” Said Mr. Jerry Ronquillo - President of Bayanihan Qatar.

There were fourteen (14) organizations and entities who contributed and participated in the outreach program, including TGBI TO, GSSI, FESTA Qatar, TSDQ, FFQ, Buklod, TKSQ, GP OFW, Advocates (OFWAI), GRII, Filipino Institute (FI), BDWQ, AGWI, and NIKTIK.

Engr. Jerry Ronquillo thanked all the participating organizations under the Bayanihan Qatar umbrella for their unending support and cooperation in various programs of the federation. Ronquillo also applauded the officers and committees of the federation for their untiring support and commitment.

Meanwhile, according to Engr. Caesar Ternida – Founding Chairman and Adviser of Filipino Expatriate Sepak Takraw (FESTA) Qatar – a member-organisation of Bayanihan Qatar, in addition to enjoying Sepak Takraw – the Philippine’s national sport, FESTA Qatar also realized that helping those in real need is satisfying both personal and organizational causes.

As we hear of fellow Filipinos in need and facing issues related to their job, we believe that extending our helping hands for them, and seeing them smile again is truly gratifying and fulfilling a sense of responsibility. Our organization has done similar outreach programs in the past benefiting distressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and we will continue this endeavor and partnership with other organisations in fulfilling this commitment”, added Engr. Ternida.

Engr. Ternida also expressed his gratitude on behalf of FESTA Qatar officers and members to Bayanihan Qatar federation for consistently allowing them to become partner in reaching out distressed OFWs in the country.

‘Bayanihan’ or civic unity and cooperation is among the virtues of Filipinos practiced since the ancient times, commonly demonstrated by folks helping a neighbor in relocating a hut or light shelter.



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