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Filipino groups to launch Philippine Food, Culture & Trade Festival

DOHA - The Filipino community in Qatar is now all geared up for their first public event since the pandemic. In a press conference held yesterday, 03 October 2022 at Yam’s Catering Restaurant at the Le Park Hotel, Kulinarya Qatar being the organizers of the Philippine Food, Culture & Trade Festival Qatar (PFCTFQ) finally announced the details of the upcoming 2-day event slated to be held on 20-21 October at the Saphire Plaza Hotel.

Kulinarya Qatar Chairwoman & PFCTFQ over-all head Dahlia Agbanlog thanked the Philippine Embassy Doha for its collaboration in making the event possible. She also revealed that such gathering is only a precursor to the many community & public events already planned by Kulinarya and the Philippine Embassy up to 2023.

PFCTFQ organizing committee vice chairperson Ms. Layla Bernal made a briefing on the scheduled activities during the upcoming 2-day event. On top of the much-awaited Kulinarya Food Court, Bazaar & Trade Fair Exhibition, other highlights would include a Munting Prinsipe at Prinsesa Pageant for talented children aged 4 to 10 years old, a Tiktok Competition, a HipHop Battle Championship, Karaoke challenges and a live Band competition. A wide array of activities for the whole family such as a Filipiniana fashion parade known as the “Sagala” or “santacruzan”, numerous cultural song & dance performances from both local Philippine schools being the Philippine School Doha & the Philippine International School Qatar & Pinoy civic groups led by Tanghalang Overseas Pinoy (TOPI), photography classes, healthy cooking shows, special talks and several on the spot competitions await the visitors.

At least 16 food outlets and 14 trade fair participants to the bazaar and exhibition were also announced by PFCTQ exhibitor's manager Belle Modin. Each restaurant will be exclusively offering one special delicacy being the cherry topping to the wide array of Filipino cuisine that will be served during the event. Exhibitors will include special offerings on Philippine properties, garments, handicrafts, accessories and even services from health to insurance.

PFCTQ Program Director and Operations Head Joseph Timothy Rivera gladly announced that round trip air tickets to the Philippines will be raffled by Philippine Airlines, luxury hotel staycation vouchers will also be given away by Megaworld International while signature titanium cookware from Saladmaster as well as hundreds of raffle prizes await the thousands of participants that are expected to attend this come-back event of the community. Consular & social welfare services from the Philippine Embassy such as SSS, Pag-Ibig Fund, OWWA & Comelec registration booths are also expected to be featured have also been requested to be included in the exhibit areas.

Organizers have also underscored the importance of safety protocols during the event as numerous guests from all other nationalities and foreign business and cultural communities have also been invited.

Supporting community groups and establishments include Doha Glam, Music Lounge, Tambikes, Pinoy Hot Pack, Guardians League Qatar (GLQ), Association of Filipino Realtors & Entrepreneur Executives in Qatar (AFREEQ), Qabayan 94.3 FM, Pinoy Heart Radio, Balitang Q, La Diva, JKCmom Travels and the Philippine Institute of Architects.

Leading exhibitors are Uno Café, Brilliant Café, Big Diners, JBC Catering, Hillside Restaurant, Golden Chef Restaurant, Best Tea, Deqada, Tuto-Turo, Ghariossa Ice Cream, The Cottege, Yam’s Catering, Takoyaki Yum, Conor Coriner Cargo, Buety & Wellness, PIIQ, LBC, IMG, VW Trends & Agent Qabayan.



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