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FMM takes the lead in organizing an Environmental Care Day: A new way of staff environmental Awareness

Doha, 19 May 2024: To promote environmental awareness and community engagement, Facilities Management & Maintenance Company (FMM) organized an impactful Environmental Family Day for over 100 staff members and their families at Flowers Each Spring Camp in Ras Matbakh. This initiative was led by Mubadara for Social Impact, Qatar's foremost CSR consultancy and management firm, under the governance of FMM's CEO, Eng. Irene Vidal.

A day full of environmental activities from mangrove plantation, beach cleaning and educational environmental workshops conducted by Dr. Saif Ali Al-Hajari, President of Mubadara and his expert team.

More than 1 tone of trash was cleaned from the beach and 100 mangroves planted in Ras Matbakh made an impact on carbon sequestration, coastal protection by preventing the pollution and improving the overall health of the ecosystem.

Apart from the tangible impact, the environmental care day also fosters awareness through seminars and cultivates a corporate social responsibility mindset among the employees. This holistic approach ensures that not only the environment benefits, but also the people involved become stewards of our planet.

The day ended with team building games and activities fostering the teamwork and employees collaboration. Closing the day with a special meal and refreshments everyone went home with lots of pleasant memories rich of environmental awareness and information about Qatar and the various species around us.

The CEO of FMM, Eng. Irene Vidal, mentioned “FMM has a longtime commitment to corporate social responsibility, and we truly believe that CSR is the cornerstone of our mission. The proof of this dedication is our recognition in several award nominations for our CSR initiatives, the last award which we are proud of was the Award for the “Most Comprehensive CSR Initiatives” that we received recently during Qatar CSR Summit 2024. Let’s not forget that caring about environment is caring about our future.”

FMM believes in Corporate Social Responsibility and has launched several CSR programs in the areas of Education, Social Inclusion, Health and Welfare, Innovations and Environment. By concentrating on these five areas, FMM hopes to improve the environment, the communities in which it operates, and the well-being of its stakeholders.

FMM Encourages active employee participation and engagement in CSR initiatives and believes this is critical to the success of the company. One approach that FMM has taken to foster this participation is by involving employees in the ideation process.

Established in 2013, FMM is a Joint Venture between Qatar Airways and Ferrovial Group. FMM is a premier facility management company committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. With a focus on excellence in service delivery and a dedication to social responsibility, FMM strives to make a positive impact on the communities it serves.



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