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Hotshot Café & Restaurant Treats Filipinos in Qatar to Pre-Independence Day Celebration Feast

10 June 2023, Doha-Qatar. Hotshot Café & Restaurant – Airport Road kicked off a pre-125th Philippine Independence Day Celebration by holding a generous free feast for the Filipino expatriates community in Qatar on Saturday, June 10, 2023, attended by numerous Filipino expat guests representing various community organizations and sectors.

The Filipino community in Qatar was treated to a jubilant occasion as they congregated to show their support for a Filipino-managed restaurant, which is known for serving delectable Asian and Filipino delicacies. The event was a momentous gesture to celebrate the strong bonding between the entire Filipino expatriate community and the establishment.

Hotshot's Qatari owner, Mr. Abdullah Alhaddad, told Qabayan Radio how excited they are to host the Filipino community's celebration of Philippine Independence Day for the first time. He expressed his hopes for this event to become an annual tradition for the community. “We need to do something for the Filipino expats that will make them happy and feel that we Qatari people care for them”, added Mr. Alhaddad.

Hotshot is on negotiation to be one of the featured participants in the upcoming 125th Philippine Independence Day Celebration on June 23 at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel. The event will highlight Hotshot's top-selling dishes and delicacies, with the aim of promoting the restaurant to a wider Filipino audience.

Filipinos residing in Qatar are warmly invited by Mr. Alhaddad to indulge in the delightful gastronomy of the Philippines, featuring an array of delectable Filipino cuisine, along with Filipino-inspired sweets. Additionally, an annual festivity dedicated to all Filipinos will be commemorated on Philippine Independence Day, truly a festive occasion to look forward to.


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