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Kulinarya Qatar celebrates a decade of promoting Filipino Cuisine at Qatar International Food Festival

In its milestone 10th year, Kulinarya Qatar continues its passionate advocacy for cultural diversity and culinary excellence, firmly placing the Philippines and its talents on the global gastronomic map. The annual event, held in conjunction with the Qatar International Food Festival, serves as a vibrant platform to showcase the rich tapestry of Filipino cuisine and its profound impact on the culinary world.


Organized under the auspices of Qatar Tourism, the event celebrates the diverse culinary offerings of the country, brought directly from the Philippines through Regency Travels. Among the distinguished personalities representing the Philippines was F&B Consultant, sustainability advocate, and renowned chef Michelle Adrillana. With a plethora of titles under her belt including Rise Against Hunger Ambassador and brand endorser, Adrillana took center stage to demonstrate her unique fusion of Filipino flavors with French and international culinary techniques.

During the event, held at the Cooking Studio of the Qatar International Food Festival, Adrillana captivated audiences with her innovative creations. On February 13th, she showcased her Fooled Beef Sandwich and Chickpea Sisig Taco, followed by her delectable Pansit Palabok Salad and Tinapang Bangus blinis with mango salsa, ikura, and cilantro oil on February 17th.


The participation of Filipino chefs on the global culinary stage underscores the determination of Filipinos worldwide to spotlight the diversity and distinctiveness of their cuisine. The live cooking demonstrations at the QIFF cooking studio provided a unique opportunity to blend Filipino and Arab flavors seamlessly. Accompanying Chef Michelle Adrillana were esteemed local Filipino chefs, including Airo Malinao, Catherine David, Benilda Rosopa, Mark Anthony Agtutubo, Rony Ryan Dilig, and young-chef Xian Kirby Rosopa, collectively adding their expertise to the showcase.


The KulinaryaQatar Food section was well represented by establishments such as DEQADA Restaurant, FlaminGo Restaurant, and Filipino Hot Pack, further enhancing the Filipino culinary experience at the festival.


Reflecting on the event's success, Dahlia S. Agbanlog, Chairperson of KulinaryaQatar, expressed pride in the event's contribution to promoting Filipino cuisine globally. "Participating once again in QIFF 2024 was a great achievement for KulinaryaQatar as we showcased unique combinations celebrating the best of both worlds, ensuring a delightful experience at the food festival," she remarked. "Our participation in these global events aims to create a culinary legacy that resonates not only within the Filipino community but also on the global stage," she added, emphasizing the enduring impact of Filipino cuisine on the international culinary landscape.



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