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Ministry of Interior Organizes Traffic Safety Webinar

The Traffic Awareness Department at the General Directorate of Traffic, in cooperation with the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior, organized an open awareness webinar on traffic safety. The program was open to all groups of society to participate, including representatives of companies, institutions and individuals. Officers from different departments at the traffic including Traffic Awareness Department, Traffic Safety, Patrols, Traffic Investigation and Licensing Department presented different topics in the seminar presided by First Lieutenant Ahmed bin Hamad Al Thani, officer at the Traffic Safety.

Captain / Saud Abdullah Al-Hamad - Officer of the Traffic Safety Department presented the tasks that the traffic personnel perform in regulating the movement of vehicles, supervising and being present on the road to reduce the occurrence of accidents and to control violators of traffic rules. He also noted that the department carries out studies on all traffic diversions and issues permits related to road closures and plans.

He also explained the classification of traffic accidents and the importance of the presence of radars to control traffic on the roads and prevent exceeding the speeds specified for each road, and announcing the locations of radars on the roads and the specified speed for each road.

Captain Hamad Talib Al-Marri from the Patrols and Traffic Investigation Department addressed the role that traffic patrols play on the roads in monitoring and organizing the movement of vehicles. He said that in light of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, traffic patrols work to confirm the adherence to the precautionary guidelines of the authorities by road users, especially with regard to limiting the number of passengers, and wearing masks. He also stressed the importance of adhering to traffic rules and avoiding committing traffic offenses.

Captain Abdel Wahid Gharib Al-Anezi from the Traffic Awareness Department presented a set of traffic advice and instructions related to road safety, reviewing a number of awareness programs prepared by the Department in this regard.

The program concluded with the presentation of Lieutenant Yousef Fahad Al-Ali, Officer of the Licensing Affairs Department, in which he explained the tasks that the Department carries out, such as supervising the work of the external sections related to driving licenses and vehicle licenses of all kinds, issuing traffic certificates. He explained the procedures followed in issuing and cancelling vehicle licenses, and issuing driving licenses of all kinds and documenting all data related to mechanical vehicles and driving licenses.



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